Pick up items. Order 24 hours ahead

Fun to combine several for a gift basket, concert, or just a fabulous happy hour

All items are homemade

Fruit and cheese tray

25.00 (serves 4-8) 55.00 (serves 10-12)

Sticky Buns 14.00 per dozen

Molasses cured and smoked bacon 8.99 per pound

Homemade breakfast sausage 5.99 per pound

Magnolia's herb sausage smoked with apple and pecan wood 7.00 per pound


Whole wheat and farro 5.99 ea

Caramelized Vidalia onion Focaccia 6.50

Blue cheese and prosciutto Focaccia 7.50

Wild Rice Whole wheat bread 5.00 pp 

Quinoa, black rice whole wheat bread 6.60