Magnolia's Kitchen

Catering and personal chef services

Magnolia's Kitchen serves the most marvelous desserts! Mary's Pound Cake is a timeless, Southern classic and my son's favorite birthday cake! Mary is a consummate professional and a delight to work with!
                                                          --Julie M., Milton, GA

Some of my favorite things

House made Sorghum cured bacon, smoked breakfast sausage, southern Italian sausage, and chorizo are sold by the pound. Contact me for your order: 770-670-8849

Many many THANKS to Ms. Mary and Magnolia's Kitchen !!! Not only was Saturday the Perfect football setting up in Athens, but we had the Great Fortune of adding a New Player to our typical Fall Saturday Tailgate Festivities and Ms. Mary's Wings were the True MVP !!! They were the most perfectly flavored (just the right level of Bite for this Dawg) and were Loved by ALL who were lucky enough to taste 'em... With MVP runner ups Bleu Cheese Dippin sauce and Cole Slaw - and the Special Sweet Tea.... They were all Huge Hits - without exception.We (as often is the case) waited till the last minute to make our Tailgate Food Plans and after a call to Ms. Mary, I knew we were in great hands and sure enough Magnolia's Kitchen came through for us in pinch !!! We will now make YOU a Regular Player on this Dawg's Tailgate Roster (without a doubt)!!! Again, I thank you and look forward to our next Tailgate menu already (which will most likely be in J'vile and rumor has it you have some Great Ideas for GATOR-Tail !!!) Cheers to You Ms. Mary and Magnolia's Kitchen --- You ROCK!
                                                                                            --Chip Johansson

Mary Burns specializes in delicious, eye pleasing food, always arriving exactly as promised! I've used her catering services since 2000, and she provides extensive menu choices and fresh ideas for any event. For me she has done the cooking for large assignments (a benefit tea for over 150 women), complete buffet dinners for 50, and also beautifully presented bunches and lunches. She does all with the same ease as a private Valentine's Day dinner for two. Mary makes every encounter fun, and the food memorable! I recommend her highly!        --Lavon

Mary Burns is wonderful. She always has a smile while responsibly fulfilling one’s every request so that in the tension of giving a big party, she cheers you up and makes you relax. You know that everything is in good hands. And the food! Delicious! Much of what you get from Magnolia’s Kitchen has been grown in Mary’s garden. Unlike so many caterers, Mary strives to produce healthy food. She even produces healthy, comfort food! It is therefore OK to order from her delivery service everyday—although the portions are big enough that you get two days meals in one delivery. Magnolia’s Kitchen is a great find!!!"        --Barbara, Alpharetta, GA

Homemade and Homegrown