Magnolia's Kitchen

Some of my favorite things

House made Sorghum cured bacon, smoked breakfast sausage, southern Italian sausage, and chorizo are sold by the pound. Contact me for your order.

Homemade and Homegrown

Catering and personal chef services Magnolia's Kitchen in Atlanta


 Current homemade goodies to pick up and I'm always adding more

  • House sorghum cured and smoked bacon
  • Spinach and goat cheese ravioli
  • Homegrown tomato sauce-perfect for pasta, pizza or dipping.
  • Country Boule, whole wheat bread, wheat berry and quinoa bread
  • Sticky buns- sold by the dozen
  • Magnolia's Sourdough
  • Strawberry balsamic jam-reduced balsamic vinegar and strawberries together. So good on fresh breads, drizzled over cheeses and fruit